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Welcome to our new movie channel on the Horror Asia website! Visit this page regularly where you can watch Asian horror movies from all across the continent. We have cult classics from the big three countries Japan, Thailand, and Korea, to lesser known flicks and TV shows from other nations. Feel free to watch the movies here on the Horror Asia website or check out the original stream from our Vaughn Live channel.

This is a relatively new channel run by a small team, so there is no definite schedule as to when the stream goes live or what gets played. We are currently going through our list to see which titles already have subs. For now, we can only stream movies with hard-coded subs until we can figure out how to get the player to show soft subs.

Ideally, we will try to change the lineup once a week with approximately 10 different movies. You can follow our social media pages on Facebook, and on Twitter, to get updates on when we’re streaming new content on this channel and what’s being played for the week.

As indicated in many of our posts, the website relies on purchases made through our affiliate links. If you would like to keep the channel going, feel free to donate any amount. Proceeds will be used in the maintenance of this website, updating the movie database, streaming, and social media channels. Please send a message through our Contact page to get details on where you can donate. Likewise, you can also fill up the Contact Us form or use the chat box provided below if you would like to provide some feedback or have any questions.

Click on the gray triangle in the middle of the player to start the stream. Enjoy the shows!